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Robin Sundstrom lectures on valuation at Seneca - March 2014

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NAO Summit 07

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Media And Marketing

Strategic Messaging

When executed well, strategic messaging allows companies to differentiate themselves from the competition. IRonside IR has pioneered a proven messaging model that draws market attention by:

  • Focusing on the market plan - describing the demand for a company's product or services;
  • Building the solution - outlining how the company is satisfying that demand.

Executive Coaching

Corporate executives today speak to their target financial audiences - analysts and brokers, shareholders, and prospective investors as though their businesses depend on it. Because they do.

IRonside IR's executive coaching techniques help our clients to communicate credibility to the financial and customer communities. These audiences are influenced by the way management demonstrates its depth and strength, its style, and its passion, as indicated in presentations at investor and analyst meetings, road shows and media interviews, annual meetings, and quarterly teleconferences.


IRonside IR's design team creates eye-catching and original displays and materials that help clients stand out from the competition.


Garnering positive media coverage means more than just having the right package ready in case a journalist comes knocking. IRonside IR's experienced media team will develop and execute a solid strategic communications plan that will boost your visibility and build your reputation. Capture the attention that your company deserves.