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Robin Sundstrom lectures on valuation at Seneca - March 2014

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NAO Summit 07

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IR Program Development

Program & Content Development

Using the market intelligence from the audit and incorporating the refined corporate message, IRonside IR partners with senior management to create a disciplined IR program that will:

  • Enhance the company's positive profile within its stakeholder communities
  • Increase liquidity
  • Maintain the highest sustainable share price

Once the program has been established, IRonside IR's team helps to create or upgrade the necessary collateral material.

Investor Roadshows

Brokers tell us that more than 60 percent of equity purchase decisions are based on the strength of the company's management. It is therefore mandatory that senior executives visit with key players within the investment community at least once a quarter. These meetings give management the opportunity to review corporate achievements and set expectations in the coming months, and to see feedback on the way the Street perceives their progress.

Competitive Review & Peer Analysis

Any public company knows that the competition is not limited to industry peers tackling the same markets. In fact, you are competing with the whole pool of public companies for investors' attention. The question of how you match up, both in the industry and on the Street, is key to your messaging and collateral.

IRonside IR undertakes a comprehensive competitive review and analysis that will outline your company's position in reference to all stakeholder groups, and provide guidance on how best to leverage this information to come out on top as measured by any metrics.

IR Strategy & Tactics

IRonside IR's seasoned senior management team have the experience necessary to craft effective and innovative investor relations strategies that enable our clients to gain and maintain the positive attention of the financial community.