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IR Deliverables

Web Design & Online IR

Your web presence is more than just documents on a website. The majority of retail and institutional investors say that their first stop in researching a company is that company´s website. We help our clients to create a dynamic website that presents the company´s story in the most effective way. As well, we ensure the website contains all necessary documentation for disclosure, regulatory filings, stock information, news releases, and annuals and quarterlies laid out in a consistent, easy-to-understand format.

Market Intelligence Audits

We recommend that companies take the guesswork out of how they are perceived on the Street through a comprehensive Market Intelligence Audit of key stakeholders -- analysts, portfolio managers, retail and institutional brokers, corporate financiers, and the financial media.

These audits provide a benchmark for managing the IR function, and enable management to measure the impact of the IR program.

Database Management

Keeping databases current is a time-consumig process, especially if it's a function that is not performed on a regular basis. One of IRonside IR's core skills is keeping client databases current, since a strategic part of an investor-relations program involves regular communication with the financial community and investors. However, we don't own the lists; clients are provided with regular updates for their own databases.

Presentation Development

IRonside IR has surveyed investors to discover precisely what they need to see and hear in corporate presentations. Based on this third-party feedback and our own extensive investor-relations experience, we have developed a bulletproof presentation paradigm.

Governance & Disclosure

Canada's securities regulators have raised the bar on corporate governance for public issuers. Following the U.S. Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002, the trend in Canada is toward creating similarly stringent rules in a number of areas.

Because we are IR specialists, IRonside IR can help companies implement industry best practices, keep current with changing regulations, and handle regulatory filing and disclosure requirements in a cost-effective, compliant, and timely manner. We can also help to create customized governance and disclosure manuals (online or hard copy) that help all company employees understand the importance and implications of these regulations.

Annual & Quarterly Reports

Given the intense scrutiny on annuals and quarterlies as a direct result of the rash of disclosure scandals, the MD&A and notes to financials as well as the numbers themselves have got to be rock solid.

Building annuals and quarterlies today goes far beyond simple design. Companies need to partner with experienced content providers to ensure that the message, positioning, and presentation are correct and consistent with the overall brand.

IRonside IR has developed a unique and cost-effective approach to annual report production. IRonside IR´s Annual-Reports-to-Go returns production and content control to company executives and cuts costs dramatically while ensuring that content meets all regulatory disclosure criteria. If you want a strong and appealing annual report at savings of up to 80% over traditional approaches, give Annual-Reports-to-Go a try.