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Robin Sundstrom speaks at the Global Chinese Financial Forum in Shanghai

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Photo Gallery

R. Sundstrom presented ventureLAB's first
annual W. Daniel Mothersill BUILD award
to Hassan Nojoumi of Shimifrez on June 20, 2013.

Robin Sundstrom and Anne Plasterer
(executive Director, communications
and IR, Newalta) at Spruce Meadows, 2012

Code Expert at SAP tradeshow,
Australia,March 2012

W. Daniel Mothersill presenting
at ventureLab seminar, 2011

Trip to McLaren Vale with Australian
Association of Angel Investors, 2010

Dusanka Filipovic and Robin Sundstrom
in London after the Co-Investment
Summit, September 2009

Presenters Tim Peterson of Augen Gold; Jason
Futko of NVS Bancorp; Dusanka Filipovic of
Blue-Zone; and Matey Nedkov, presenting for
the Maple Leaf Angels in London, 2009

Bart Mothersill and Robin Sundstrom
enjoying the post-presentation festivities
in a London pub, September 30, 2009

Northampton celebrates the
opening of the world's first Aloft
brand hotel in Montreal

Jim Voisin and Jason
Brewer at the Iberian
booth at PDAC, 2008

Robin Sundstrom at
National Angel Organization
Summit, 2007

Harmony Asset Limited
celebrates its listing on
the TSX, August 2007

Gillian Lee, Manager Ringo
Lee, Robin Sundstrom, Joseph
Chan at one of Harmony Asset's
investments, Challenger, 2008

Gillian Lee and manager Steven
Mak in front of the fabulous
CyberPort, another Harmony
Asset investment, March 2008

Shanghai Harbor, 2008

Robin Sundstrom
in Shanghai, 2008

Joe Tai and Robin Sundstrom
at the GCFF conference in
Shanghai, July 2007